Thermostat Services In Manhattan, Wamego, Junction City, & Surrounding Kansas Towns

If you have any type of home heating or air conditioning system, you also have a thermostat. After all, how else would you be able to control your indoor temperature and tell your state of the art home comfort system what to do? But while you probably spent a lot of time researching and examining your home comfort system options, you probably didn’t think much about your thermostat.

While it is true that just about any thermostat will let you raise or lower the temperature in your home, not all thermostats are created equal. In fact, there’s a huge amount of variation when it comes to these types of products and the type of thermostat that you have can actually have a big impact on what you are able to get out of your home comfort system and even how much you pay each month to keep your home temperature controlled.

Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the place to come for all of your Manhattan, KS area thermostat needs. We stock a great selection of these products and our expert staff can help you decide just what combination of features will best suit your needs.

Traditional Optionsthermostat services

If you have never paid much attention to your thermostat before, chances are you have a pretty bare bones installation. Most basic thermostats are hard-wired into the heating and cooling system. They allow you to adjust the temperature up or down, and they may or may not provide you with any additional information like the actual temperature in the house and the time. They are quite easy to use and they quickly and accurately convey information from the thermostat to the heating and cooling system and back again.

Digital Thermostats

Most of these thermostats that are wired into the heating and cooling system directly are analog, but some are digital. Digital thermostats provide you with several advantages over their more basic relatives. For one thing, they give you more control over the exact temperature you want your home comfort system to maintain.

Programmable Thermostats

Many digital thermostats are also programmable, a feature which brings with it a whole host of advantages. For instance, if you and your family are typically gone all day at work or school, you don’t necessarily want to pay to heat or cool your empty house during that time period. But it’s always nice to arrive at a comfortable home.

So what can you do? Well, with a programmable digital thermostat, you can simply set different temperatures for different times of the day. That means that you can tell your home comfort system ahead of time when to shut off and when to come back on so that your home is just the way you want it when you get there. This saves you a ton of money, and it is certainly more convenient than having to come home and wait for the house to heat up or cool down.

Wireless Options

More and more, digital thermostats are going wireless. And while you may not notice any difference in performance or ease of use whether your thermostat is hard wired into the home comfort system or not, there are some benefits to a wireless setup. First of all, a wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere in your home, so you can choose the location that is most convenient for you.

Wireless thermostats also tend to be more accurate when communicating with the home comfort system, so you will have a finer level of control when you use this type of device. Most wireless thermostats are programmable as well, so you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of that feature.

All Types Of Thermostats

Standard Plumbing can install a new thermostat for you as part of a new home comfort system installation or as an addition to an existing system. Our technicians can integrate any one of our great products into your Manhattan, Kansas metropolitan area home.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your home comfort system experience, call us today.