• Free Filters
    • Free standard furnace filters twice a year
  • Free Gas Leak Check
    • Check for cracked heat exchanger
  • 10% Discount
    • On all plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service work
  • Prolong the Life of Your Home’s Equipment
    • Cleaning and maintaining your equipment gives it longer life
  • Two Year Parts WarrantyVIP
    • Any repair part is warranted for a full two years instead of the customary 30 days
  • Receive Priority Response
    • Only our V.I.P. customers are assured of same day service
  • Safety & Peace of Mind
    • Receive a 12-point tune-up twice per year
  • Free Carbon Monoxide Check Every Fall
    • Know that your home’s air is safe to breathe
  • Lower Utility Bills
    • Equipment that can run efficiently uses less energy
  • Avoid Repairs and Save Money
    • Costly repairs typically result from neglect
  • No Overtime Charge
    • Receive emergency service on your home’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, including service on nights and weekends, without additional overtime charges
  • Springtime Air Conditioner Check
    • Receive a full maintenance & performance check of your home’s air conditioning before the hot weather settles in
  • Fall Furnace Maintenance, Performance, and Safety Check
    • We perform a complete check of your furnace, as well as check temperature limiting devices and gas pressure so you can sleep easier at night


• Install new 1” filter or clean re-usable one
• Check Freon (Freon added at an additional cost if necessary)
• Clean condenser with coil cleaner
• Oil condenser, evaporator fan motor, and bearings
• Check condensate drain – clean if necessary
• Check evaporator coil: record superheat
• Clean and check thermostat
• Turn off humidifier
• Check and record all electrical readings
• Check all electrical connections
• Check condition of the compressor
• Check, adjust and align belts

• Install new 1” filter or clean re-usable one
• Check, clean and adjust pilot light
• Adjust the main burner for efficiency
• Check safety controls for proper operation
• Oil motor and bearings
• Check, adjust and align belts
• Inspect heat exchanger for rust, cracks, and leaks
• Clean burner compartment
• Start humidifier and check the drain line
• Check all electrical connections
• Check all voltages
• Clean and check thermostat

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