Solutions for Flooded Basements in Manhattan, Wamego, Junction City & surrounding Kansas towns

If you ask most homeowners to name one place in their home that has water leaking problems, it is almost always the basement. Whether finished or unfinished, the basement tends to represent the least maintained and worst drained room in the house. But it does not have to be that way. There are simple technologies that help to remove excess and standing water from the basement before it becomes an issue.

Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air provides professional installation of drain tile systems to help solve the problem of flooded basements.  Drain tile systems are not only easy to install, but they can also be maintained for long periods of time without replacement or heavy repair.

How Do Drain Tiles Work?

Plumbing Services In Manhattan, Wamego, Junction City, KS, and Surrounding AreasDrain tile systems work with a variety of components installed in the flooring of your basement. The drain tile is a simple four-inch wide pipe with holes drilled into it to funnel water through its length. The pipes are set into gravel in your basement flooring.

Gravel is important because it is more porous than soil. It allows water to more freely flow than soil or sediment can, thereby drawing the water through itself. When water has a choice between thick, hard soil and porous, loose gravel, it will travel the path of least resistance. The system is then covered to keep the pipe from getting clogged by debris or sediment in the area.

The water outlet is placed as far from your home as possible, preferably at a downgrade so it can run off into a sewer grate or down the hill away from your home. The outlet should also come out into the air so that the water will be pulled away from its entry point. Sump pumps can be used to supplement this system if you live on the flat ground or if your home is at the bottom of a hill or you simply do not want to pour water into your neighbor’s yard.

Installing Your Drain Tile System

Installation of a drain tile system is a complex process. The location of the drain tiles must be carefully measured to capture as much water as possible before it can enter your basement. The drainage system must also be efficient at removing the water from your drain tiles and ensuring it is displaced somewhere both safe.

Most modern homes with finished basements have a drain tile system installed when the home is built, but existing homes or those built quickly and with minimal extras may not and that will require a great deal of careful remodeling in and around your basement. For all these reasons, it is important that the installation process is done by a trained professional who has worked in this field for many years.

Get Professional Drain Tile Installation

If you’re ready to finally put a stop to the leaky basement you have been fighting since you moved in, call Standard today and learn how an effective drain tile system can finally solve your problems. Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air here has been servicing homes and businesses in the Manhattan, Kansas area since 1923. Call us today at (785) 776-5012 or fill out our online form and one of our drain specialists will get back to you right away.