Let’s drive into an important topic today: what to do when your air conditioner is not blowing cool air. It’s an issue none of us want to face, especially during those scorching hot days in Manhattan, KS. At Standard Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand the urgency of such situations and are here to guide you through troubleshooting steps to get your AC blowing cool air again.


While our expertise primarily serves the Manhattan community, our commitment to ensuring indoor comfort extends far and wide. So, let’s tackle this issue together and ensure you stay cool and comfortable, no matter the weather outside.


We’re here to help you with 15 troubleshooting tips for your AC not blowing cool air before you call in the Manhattan professionals at Standard Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.


  1. The first thing to check is the thermostat settings. Please double-check that the system is on and set to cool and that the temperature setting has not been inadvertently changed. You can also change out the batteries in the thermostat, especially if the thermostat is malfunctioning. If any settings are incorrect, make the appropriate adjustments and let the system kick back on. Give it a few minutes to adjust, and then check that cool air is blowing out from the vents. If you feel cool air, you’ve fixed the problem! If not, let’s move on with our troubleshooting.


  1. Very often, the fix is quite simple. Have you checked the air filter lately? A check of this may fix your problem. Turn the system off and remove your air filter for inspection. Since the air filter catches dust, dirt, and other airborne particles, a dirty air filter can block airflow and cause your AC to not blow cool air through your vents. If the air filter appears dirty, replace the filter and see if this fixes the issue.


  1. In some houses, the Furnace/AC unit is wired to a switch in your utility room. Double-check that no power switch in your utility room has been switched off.


  1. The next likely reason your AC is not blowing cool air is your circuit breaker. Often, there is a separate breaker for the indoor and outdoor AC units. Check to ensure all appropriate breakers are switched on.
  2. Lack of maintenance on your outdoor unit can cause many issues with your unit. Complete a visual inspection of the area and ensure at least 2 feet of space around the unit. You may need to remove leaves, branches, or debris around the unit. If you haven’t had your unit serviced recently, it may be a great time to call on the experts at Standard Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for a professional inspection and maintenance. We offer our VIP Maintenance Plan for affordable maintenance bi-annually with a variety of other benefits like priority response when you do have an issue. Learn more about our VIP Maintenance Plan and its benefits here – https://www.standardpha.com/vip/


  1. Clearing away the leaves, branches, and other debris around the unit will also be helpful if you have a blocked condenser fan. The condenser fan brings air into the outdoor unit and through the condenser coil to pull heat from the home. If there is debris accumulated between the fans, this can clog the coil and reduce energy efficiency, and lead to your AC not blowing cool air.
  2. A dirty condenser coil may also be causing the issue. The condenser coil wraps around the outdoor unit condenser and can also accumulate dirt, filth, and debris, which will restrict important heat transfer.


  1. Check your outdoor disconnect. This box is mounted near the outside AC unit and is a safety feature that can shut off the electrical unit. If the disconnect power is shut off, turn it back on. You can also check for damaged or faulty issues that may be causing an issue and will require a call to Standard Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning professionals at (785)776-5012.


  1. A dirty or frozen evaporator coil may be the problem causing your AC to run but not cool the air. When an evaporator coil is dirty, it blocks the heat transfer from the air to the refrigerant and causes the coil to freeze. Some signs of a frozen evaporator coil are frost formed on the copper refrigerant tubing, increased utility bills, and the system not adequately cooling. If this is the case, turn the AC off and allow your system to run on ‘fan only’ until the coil is no longer frozen, and then turn the AC back on.


  1. A dirty indoor fan motor can also create problems, leading your AC to not blow cool air. When this fan is dirty, the fan cannot pull enough hot air into the unit to cool your home adequately. This fan cleaning can be completed by one of our HVAC pros. Give us a call (785)776-5012 and we’d be happy to help!standard plumbing heating air installing systems eligible for tax rebates


  1. Another potential source of your issue is a clogged condensation drain hose. The condensation drain hose removes moisture from the condensation created when the AC removes the humidity and directs it outside the home or to a floor drain. These drain hoses can become blocked by mold or algae growth, but this can be easily removed by a small screwdriver or something similar to clear the clog. If you find a clog high in the line, using suction from a wet/dry shop vac can often remove it.


  1. Sometimes, a refrigerant leak may be your problem. This chemical is crucial for the cooling process, and a leak can cause your unit not to blow cool air, run for longer periods, and cause damage to your compressor or a system shutdown. Call Standard Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for a guaranteed fix if you suspect a refrigerant leak.
  2. If you have air blowing out of your vents but your house is not cooling, a leak in the ductwork may be the cause. Ductwork leaks can lead to the cold air escaping before it reaches rooms, causing it to feel uncomfortably warm while other rooms feel colder. Finding the leak and fixing the ductwork can help with efficiency and performance. Call us, and we’d love to send out one of our knowledgeable techs to diagnose the issue – https://www.standardpha.com/schedule-service/


  1. A faulty compressor, a broken capacitor, a malfunctioning contactor, and a faulty condenser fan motor are all parts of your outdoor unit that can malfunction and lead to the air from the vents not being cool in your home.


  1. Last but certainly not least, it may be time to look at replacing your AC unit due to age or insufficient capacity to cool your home. Call on the experts for over 100 years, Standard Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, to take advantage of our amazing 0% interest financing offer! We will discuss all your wants and needs to help you select a new, properly sized unit to keep you super cool all summer long.


As we finish up, remember it’s very important to keep your home cool, especially when it’s super hot outside! If you’ve tried our tips and your AC still isn’t blowing cool air, just give the professionals at Standard Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning a call at (785)776-5012. Our friendly team is here to help make sure your house stays nice and comfy, no matter how hot it gets outside. Let’s make sure you’re feeling cool and cozy again soon!