Plumbing Maintenance services in Manhattan, Wamego, Junction City & surrounding Kansas towns

Sink and toiletYou may not realize it, but you depend heavily on the plumbing system in your home. It really is important to keep your plumbing in good shape and running smoothly so that you don’t have to spend much time thinking about it.

The best way to keep your plumbing working properly and avoid emergencies is to keep up with a schedule of regular professional maintenance that can ensure the condition of your plumbing system.

Our experienced plumbers can thoroughly examine your plumbing system for leaks, cracks, buildup and poor connections. It is common that some part of your plumbing system will deteriorate over time, but proper maintenance can address these types of issues before they become larger problems.

Plumbing Maintenance Tips

If you hear a bubbling or gurgling noise coming from your drain while water is filtering out, this might be a sign that you need plumbing maintenance. This may signal the beginning of pipe blockage, a problem with the pipe ventilation system, or a septic tank issue if you are using one. To quickly pinpoint the issue, our plumbers use a state-of-the-art video pipe inspection tool. This tool allows our plumbing technicians to see into your pipes for easy problem diagnosis.

Reasons to Perform Plumbing Maintenance

Fewer Plumbing Emergencies

Routine plumbing maintenance means fewer emergency calls to the plumber because your ceiling is suddenly leaking or the drains in your house are backing up. These emergency calls are both inconvenient and expensive. Fortunately, they can be largely avoided with annual maintenance inspections. To maintain your plumbing, a once-a-year inspection is sufficient to ensure the health of your system. These appointments cost little compared to the high price of emergency repair services. Contact Standard Plumbing Heating & Air to perform this maintenance service.

A Better Flowing System

Leaky kitchen faucet with a stream of water runningYou will notice that all parts of your plumbing system function better when they get the annual attention that they need. For instance, even if a pipe never clogs, buildup may accumulate over time. That buildup will gradually impede water flow and reduce your water pressure. Plumbing issues often worsen slowly, so you may not notice the buildup until there is a significant slowing in efficiency. Making a small annual investment in your plumbing system will keep it flowing smoothly.

Preparing for Winter

While you can schedule your annual maintenance visits for any time of year, it is often most helpful to do it in the fall. As our next cold Kansas winter approaches, you will want to make sure that all of your pipes are in good shape and that your hot water heater can stand up to increased usage throughout the cooler winter months.

Extreme temperatures cause all sorts of problems for pipes. They can even freeze and crack if not used frequently enough. If there is already a small crack or defect somewhere along the line, colder weather can quickly turn a small issue into a large one.

Call us Today for Plumbing Maintenance Service

Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air plumber on phone answering water heater questionsLet us handle your plumbing maintenance work. Contact Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air online or call us at (785) 776-5012. We’ll be happy to have one of our plumbers to come out and see how we can provide the service you need.

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