Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency

When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling system, energy efficiency plays a major role. Different furnaces and AC units have different levels of energy efficiency. Typically, the more modern systems are more efficient. While there are many environmental benefits to having an energy-efficient system, there are also very tangible benefits to the homeowners themselves!

Try out this SEER calculator to see the expected cost savings you can see by increasing the energy efficiency of your home’s cooling system. And keep reading to understand more about what the SEER rating is and how it can help you find the best air conditioning system for your home.

What is the SEER Rating?

To understand the energy efficiency of air conditioners, you need to have some basic understanding of the SEER Rating.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s a measurement of how much energy needs to be used to produce an amount of cool air. The more energy that is needed, the less efficient it is. The less efficient systems require more energy, likely resulting in higher monthly energy bills. That is one of the biggest reasons why customers of Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning choose new air conditioning systems with high energy efficiency.

The higher an AC’s SEER Rating is, the higher its energy efficiency. 


Government Regulations: Kansas Minimum SEER Rating

Photo of American Standard air conditioner unit in Manhattan, KSThe amount of energy homeowners across the country use impacts the overall energy use and the environment. The government has established rules for air conditioners that get installed. There are minimum SEER ratings that HVAC installation companies like Standard must follow. However, they are different for different parts of the country. Here in Manhattan, Kansas and across much of the Midwest, we have a minimum requirement of SEER 14. 

The SEER 14 minimum is actually a new change to the existing regulation. Up until this year (2023), the SEER minimum was 13 for Kansas and the Midwest. Over the years, the government has slowly increased this energy efficiency requirement. And so you can expect it will eventually increase again.

But, since air conditioners with high levels of energy efficiency are actually beneficial to homeowners, this SEER Rating regulation does not typically become an issue. When it is time for a new air conditioner installation, many homeowners will choose an AC with a SEER 16 or higher already for the cost-saving benefits.

Standard Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning has the Manhattan area team of skilled and licensed AC installers that can provide your home with exactly the right AC unit needed for complete comfort and efficiency. We install only high-quality cooling systems that you can rely upon for many years to come. Often the cost of a new system will pay for itself after years of saving on energy bills! Contact us today to learn more about getting a new air conditioner. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate on a new system for your home!

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