How to Give Your Loved Ones Home Maintenance Peace of Mind

Better and Cheaper gift than Netflix for Mom and Dad or Grandparent

It is always hard to know what Christmas gifts to get for your loved ones. This can especially be true when you are trying to find presents for adults, especially for our mothers and fathers. No matter who you have on your Christmas list, they probably do all have something in common: they would like to find ways to make life easier.

When you are looking for unique gifts for homeowners on your gift list, there is one great present that is sure to provide anyone with a great sense of relief and appreciation. It is the gift of removing stress and worry about the maintenance of their home.

The Gift of Taking the Worry of Home Maintenance Away

Life is hard enough without having to worry about anything breaking in your home. Imagine if you could give someone you love the peace of mind to know that they don’t have to worry about the heat not working. Not only that, but they also wouldn’t even have to worry about changing their air filters!

While you may not be a DIY expert and handle all the work yourself, you don’t have to. You can purchase a special membership plan for professionals to expertly handle the work a home needs.

At Standard Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning we provide a VIP Maintenance plan that does exactly that. Letting trained HVAC professionals handle this work means you’re having the experts with all the necessary tools and experience to fully address regular home maintenance needs as well as detect any problems.

Best gift for new homeowners – home maintenance package

Perfect Gift for New Homeowners

Being a new homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities, and many that some people don’t realize. Suddenly you have to know where your breaker box is, to remember to regularly change your air filter and to know where the water supply shut-off is. For young people who are just starting out, their life is probably also very busy with other things like a new job, a new marriage, a new child.

If you have a loved one who is a new homeowner, you probably know that something they are lacking is time. New commitments of home maintenance can be taxing on someone who is still figuring things out.

Helping them enjoy their home without the problems (or even the worry of problems) is a great holiday gift. Giving your friends and family the gift of professional home maintenance will mean they can learn how to take care of their home without missing important tasks before little issues turn into big, expensive problems.

Best Gifts for a Housewarming Party

Since this is such a fantastic gift for new homeowners that will help them handle the new responsibilities they face, it doesn’t have to be a holiday gift.  Giving the gift of worry-free home maintenance is the perfect gift to give new homeowners at a housewarming party.

Perfect Gift for Mom, Dad and Grandparents

Handling the everyday tasks of running of a home can be tiring for anyone, but especially for those who are starting to feel the aches and pain of age. Taking care of the maintenance needs of a home can be taxing as we get older. But when these important tasks don’t get done, like changing air filters or cleaning out debris from your AC, big problems could happen.

  • The furnace could stop working in the middle of winter.
  • The AC could freeze up, causing an expensive repair.
  • A persistent drip could lead to water damage under the sink.

Basic home maintenance on your home’s plumbing or heating and cooling system are vital to keep everything running smoothly. Your HVAC and plumbing system are designed and built to last for many, many years. At Standard Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning we have seen how leaving minor problems unaddressed has led to un necessary and expensive repairs or even a complete system replacement happening years before it should have been needed.

Give the Gift of a Home Maintenance Plan

Air filter getting changed in furnaceStandard Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning provides maintenance service to homeowners in the Manhattan, KS area. We are regularly called out to handle the tune-up or cleaning of a home’s cooling system before summer starts or do work on a furnace before a cold Manhattan winter sets in.

The needs of regular maintenance can be difficult or too much for many homeowners to handle on a regular basis. So we also provide a yearly maintenance plan for our experienced team to handle a majority of the ongoing tasks that homes need throughout the year. Homeowners who sign up for our Standard VIP Program receive a wide variety of annual tune-ups and cleanings that keeps a home comfortable, energy efficient, and safe.

Included in the Standard VIP Program:

  • We replace filters twice a year
  • We check for dangers, like potential gas leaks
  • We clean and maintain HVAC units that help them last longer
  • We undergo a Carbon Monoxide check every fall
  • We ensure your AC system is in working order in the spring
  • We ensure your furnace is ready to go before the winter

And that’s not even all that comes with VIP membership. You will also get discounts on repair work, extended warranty on parts AND priority scheduling.

It’s a Gift That’s Better than Netflix

You can purchase a VIP Maintenance Program membership from Standard for someone other than you. The recipient’s home we will be servicing just needs to be in our service area which includes the greater Manhattan area as well as Wamego and Junction City.

The cost for most homeowners to receive a full year of this VIP Maintenance is less than the cost of Netflix. For just about $13/month, your loved one will get to spend time doing what they enjoy instead of handling such tasks as cleaning out a dirty AC condenser or even driving to the store to buy a new air filter to install.

Call Standard today at (785) 776-5012 or send us a message online to get more information about purchasing a VIP Maintenance package for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

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