Maintenance Agreement for Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

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When it comes to your home’s plumbing or heating and air system, you simply just need it to work reliably all year round. Homeowners have the responsibility of making sure their heating system is in working order each winter and that air conditioners will be ready to work on the first day of summer.

Unfortunately, problems do sometimes happen, and possibly at the worst possible time. Finding your heater isn’t turning on in the middle of a Kansas winter, your air conditioner is blowing hot air in July or your plumbing system is getting backed up when the family is over for a big Thanksgiving meal are situations we want to avoid.

How to Prevent Plumbing & HVAC Problems

Fortunately, these types of emergency repairs can often be avoided with simple regular maintenance on your plumbing and heating & air conditioning systems. Little things like dirty air filters or loose bolts are quick and cheap fixes. Addressing these issues right away can help you prevent serious and costly repairs. There is a list of maintenance tasks that need to be done regularly to ensure your systems are running properly and efficiently.

Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air provides maintenance service for customers all across the Manhattan, Kansas area.  In the early fall we perform safety checks and annual maintenance needed for furnaces and heating systems before you need to turn the heat on. In early spring we perform necessary maintenance on air conditioning systems before you need to turn the system on.

We also provide maintenance on plumbing systems to make sure everything is running smoothly to avoid any potential little issues that could go easily go unnoticed by the homeowners from becoming major problems.

Maintenance benefit: get the priority scheduling when you need repairs

All installation of new equipment automatically comes with a 1 year membership into the VIP Maintenance Program.


Regular maintenance doesn’t just help you avoid major problems, it also ensures your systems are running optimally and efficiently. Having your furnace and air conditioner working at peak efficiency means you are using less energy to get reliable and consistent temperature in your home. And that results in lower energy costs!

Be proactive in ensuring your air conditioning system is running smoothly and efficiently all year long by signing up for our Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning VIP Preventative Service Agreement. VIP member benefits include a wide range of regular services we perform on your home, giving you peace of mind that your home’s systems are running exactly as they should be all year round.

Standard package: never pay emergency or after hours rates

There are many great benefits to our VIP Maintenance program that you can expect this deal to pay for itself! In addition to receiving priority scheduling, you will never have to pay after-hour rates! Another great cost-saving part of the program is that members receive a 10% discount on all repairs for their plumbing or heating and air system.

13 Benefits of VIP Preventative Service

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  1. Free Filters twice a year
  2. Free Gas Leak Check – we check for cracked heat exchanger
  3. 10% Discount on all plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service work
  4. Prolong the Life of Your Home’s Equipment – we provide the cleaning and maintaining your equipment needs to give it a longer life
  5. Two Year Parts Warranty – any repair part is warranted for a full two years instead of the customary 30 days
  6. Receive Priority Response – only our VIP customers are assured of same day service
  7. Receive a 12-point tune-up twice per year
  8. Free Carbon Monoxide Check Every Fall so you will know that your home’s air is safe to breathe
  9. Lower Utility Bills – equipment that can run efficiently uses less energy
  10. Avoid Repairs and Save Money
  11. No Overtime Charge – receive emergency service on your home’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, including service on nights and weekends, without additional overtime charges
  12. Springtime Air Conditioner Check – receive a full maintenance & performance check of your home’s air conditioning before the hot weather settles in
  13. Fall Furnace Maintenance, Performance, and Safety Check – we perform a complete check of your furnace, as well as check temperature limiting devices and gas pressure so you can sleep easier at night

get 10 percent discount on heating, air conditioning and plumbing repairs

Home Maintenance Services You Will Receive

• Install new 1” filter or clean re-usable one
• Check Freon (Freon added at an additional cost if necessary)
• Clean condenser with coil cleaner
• Oil condenser, evaporator fan motor, and bearings
• Check condensate drain – clean if necessary
• Check evaporator coil: record superheat
• Clean and check thermostat
• Turn off humidifier
• Check and record all electrical readings
• Check all electrical connections
• Check condition of the compressor
• Check, adjust and align belts
• Install new 1” filter or clean re-usable one
• Check, clean and adjust pilot light
• Adjust the main burner for efficiency
• Check safety controls for proper operation
• Oil motor and bearings
• Check, adjust and align belts
• Inspect heat exchanger for rust, cracks, and leaks
• Clean burner compartment
• Start humidifier and check the drain line
• Check all electrical connections
• Check all voltages
• Clean and check thermostat

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