Water Softener Treatment Systems

Kitchen sink where hard water can cause problems with spotting or clean dishesFrom cooking to cleaning to bathing, you rely on your household water every day in many ways. However, naturally occurring minerals in your water can be hard on your plumbing and in other places. A water softener for your home provides a wide range of benefits that make things feel better, last longer, and look better.

Improve everything in your home that water touches with a water softener professionally installed by Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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What Does a Water Softener Do?

To understand what a water softener treatment system does, you first need to know what “hard water” is. Hard water is water with high concentrations of minerals which are mostly calcium and magnesium. These minerals may not be seen in the water itself, but its effects are often seen in the crusty residue around your faucets and in your pipes.

Hard water tends to leave hardened mineral deposits behind. These deposits can create big problems over time, including accumulating to clog pipes or by corroding pipes. Hard water can make various parts of your home’s plumbing system work less efficiently and shorten their life spans.

Hard Water Effects on Clothes & Linens

While plumbing issues may be the biggest potential problems caused by hard water, you will find that other parts of your home comfort are being affected by it.

Let’s take a look at your laundry. How do your clothes and linens feel after you finish washing a load? Are they a bit stiff? This can happen simply from having them washed with hard water.

Hard Water Effects on Your Skin & Hair

Bathroom shower where having a water softener can help with dry skin and dull hairYou may find getting a water softener installed in your home can improve your appearance! With soft water running over your hair and body instead of water filled with harsh minerals, you may experience some relief from dry skin. You also may notice your hair not looking as dull after washing.

Other hard water problems include:

  • Soap scum
  • Water spots on dishes and glasses
  • Damage to water fixtures
  • Extra cost (and time spent) cleaning

How Does a Water Treatment System Work?

A water softener works to filter out the high contamination of minerals in your water. The calcium and magnesium pass through a filter of resin beads that attract the minerals and keep them from passing through into your home’s plumbing system.

Kansas Water Quality

How hard your water is does depend on where you live. Here in Kansas, our issue with hard water is high and very common. Why? The main water supply for Kansans comes from underground wells. These wells have high levels of hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Hard water is measured by the United States Geological Survey. A rating of 61 – 120 mg/L is considered moderately hard. Water is considered hard when the measurement is between 121 and 180. And any measurement above 180 is listed as very hard.

City of Manhattan logo who controls the water supplyAccording to the City of Manhattan, our water is considered moderately hard, with a rating between 86 and 154. The hardness of Manhattan’s water supply varies each day due to the “blend mix from the 16 public water supply wells and the treatment process.” Having a water softener installed in your home can provide reliable levels of soft water in your home every day.

Improve Your Home’s Water Today

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Standard Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning installs only high-quality water softener units. We are certified installers for North Star Water Conditioning, which supply quality systems and worry-free warranties. You can browse through the various residential softeners they provide with their online water softener brochure.

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