What You Can Expect As A Customer Of Standard Plumbing

As a courtesy, our office will call you the day before your installation. Please be sure we have your best contact phone number and email.

Please Have The Following Ready When Our Installers Arrive:

  • The folder. They will ask for it, and add to it.
  • SRP or APS account number if applicable.
  • A clear path to both indoor and outdoor equipment.

Our Installers Will:

  • Review contract with your prior to work commencing.
  • Treat you and your home with dignity and respect.
  • Wear protective shoe coverings inside your home.
  • Put down protective floor coverings.
  • Wear protective gloves inside your home.
  • Do a precise and professional job.
  • Do a thorough clean-up upon completion.
  • Be sure you are comfortable in operating your new system.

Our installation manager or his superintendent, will do a site-visit at your home on the day of installation. As the homeowner you may want to be present for this, but it is not mandatory. Either way, he will come by to check the progress of your job.

*The day after you installation is complete we want to talk to you on the phone. It is important to us to assure you are happy and 100% satisfied. If you have any questions we want to address them promptly. Please help facilitate this call. On this call we will schedule a quality audit on your system. This is an extra step Standard Plumbing takes to assure everything is perfect with your new HVAC system.

*Six to eight months after your equipment is installed it will most likely have been through a demanding summer or winter. We will call you to schedule a routine maintenance to be sure it is ready for the next season. Like all complex machinery, if it is maintained, it will last longer and keep its efficiency where you want it.

NOTE: annual maintenance is required to keep the manufacturers warranty in force.

Please See The Inside Of Your Folder For Important Phone Numbers. We Are Here 24/7 For Your Convenience And Comfort.
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